Skype for iOS updated with color changes and improved call reliability

Skype for iPhone Update Valentines Day
Email Twitter: @TheTechChat Jul 5th, 2016 inNews

If you’re a Skype user, then you likely enjoy having clients available on all of your devices. Microsoft’s cross-platform strategy is nowhere more evident than Skype, and the iOS client is one of the more fully-featured versions out there. Today, the Skype for iOS app received a small update, proving that Microsoft remains committed to providing good communications options everywhere.

Here’s the changelog for version 6.19:

Welcome to Skype for iPhone 6.19. We are working hard to make Skype even better for all your calls and messaging – here’s what’s new in this update:
– We’ve slightly changed some of the colours in the app to make it easier for everyone to use the app.
– Fixes to improve call reliability and reduce crashes.

If you’re using an iPad, the changelog is the same. Go to the App Store and hit that update button, or download the apps from the links below.

‎Skype for iPad
‎Skype for iPad

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