Skype fixes network issue, users coming back online

Skype on Mobile
Email Twitter: @DaveWShanahan Sep 21st, 2015 inNews

As WinBeta reported earlier today, Skype users experienced a momentary outage of Skype services. The Skype Heartbeat Blog announced that they deployed a fix for the Skype outage that many users experienced, noting that the Skype service disruption did not affect Skype for Business users:

“We have identified the network issue which prevented users from logging in and using Skype today. We’re in the process of reconnecting our users, and focused on restoring full service. The issue did not affect Skype for Business users.”

The Skype outage issues revolved around not being able to change your online status, video calls and messaging issues, and problems signing in to your Skype account. It looks like everything is back to normal as Skype services appear to quickly be coming back online. I barely noticed the outage; I only had problems with setting my online status and some problems signing into my Skype account, but it looks like the issue is fixed (for me at least).


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