Silverlight and .Net Developers Worried About Windows 8

Microsoft recently showcased its next generation Windows operating system during an annual conference at Computex and D9. Unfortunately, this has caused frustrations for Silverlight and .Net developers who are unsure what development platform Microsoft plans on using for Windows 8.

During the D9 conference, Microsoft demonstrated how it would be integrating a touch-centric interface for apps built using HTML5 and JavaScript that runs on top of the existing Windows platform. Unfortunately, this has caused some concern for Silverlight and .Net developers.

Microsoft seems to be centered on a new Web standards-based development platform for Windows 8 to power the live tile touch-based interface, but has said very little about its current Windows development platforms, Silverlight and .Net.

As PCWorld reports, an analyst at IDC was quoted saying that Microsoft "has not clarified where .Net fits in the Windows 8 world. I think developers are justified in feeling that there needs to be more clear strategic guidance on this."

During the conference at D9, Microsoft demonstrated a few applications for Windows 8 and even said, "This application was written in our new development platform, based on HTML5 and JavaScript. People can write new applications for Windows, using the things they are already doing on the Internet."

Numerous angry comments were posted on Microsoft's Silverlight forums, expressing concerns about Microsoft's Windows development plans.

Microsoft did not offer a comment regarding the concerns. Stay tuned as this story develops.

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