You’ll be able to attach Edge’s Sidebar to the Windows desktop soon

Kevin Okemwa

Edge Insider

In 2022, Microsoft introduced the sidebar feature in Edge. A tool designed to let users search the internet from a web app without having to navigate to another page. Since then, the feature has evolved significantly having received a ton of feature updates as well as improvements, all in place to enhance its user experience.

Earlier this year, Microsoft incorporated Personalize my top sites in Customize sidebar option in the Sidebar setting to help users curate a personalized experience. Additionally, the company also created a dedicated keyboard shortcut (CTRL + SHIFT + /) that can be used to auto-hide or always show the Sidebar in Edge in a bid to enhance accessibility.

And now, the company is currently working on a new capability that will let users detach the Sidebar from Edge and move it to the Windows desktop. According to the Microsoft 365 Roadmap, the feature is expected to start rolling out to users sometime next month.

This enables a side-by-side experience that works with any Windows app—including Microsoft Edge itself. Users enjoy streamlined access to the same set of powerful AI tools and web-based services, including Bing Chat, without launching a browser window, enhancing productivity regardless of where they are in Windows. Administrators can control the availability using the StandaloneHubsSidebarEnabled.

Once the feature ships to general availability, users will be able to attach the SIdebar from Edge to their Windows desktop by clicking on the pop-out icon that’s at the bottom. However, you’ll need to enable it first since it’s rolling out as an opt-in experience.

Previously, we’ve highlighted multiple ways that you can use to make the most out of the Sidebar in Edge. The introduction of this new feature further builds on the experience. It’s also worth noting that users will also be able to use the Sidebar directly on their Windows desktops even if Edge is closed. What’s more, they’ll also be able to access everything that’s pinned on the tool.

Do you use the Sidebar in Edge to enhance your browsing experience? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

via Windows Central