SharePoint preview app for Windows 10 Mobile shows up in Windows Store

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Microsoft is working on an official SharePoint app for Windows 10 devices, including Windows 10 Mobile and PC. SharePoint is an intranet portal for businesses and organisations, it assists in the storage and distribution of files and documents, as well as a centralised place for communication and information flow throughout a business.

The new app currently in preview for Windows 10 devices has appeared in the Windows Store (via WalkingCat), however, it doesn’t appear to be installable just yet. It does provide insight into what to expect, though.

The app will arrive with several features that will include:

  • Multiple accounts
  • Multiple sites
  • Recent and popular files
  • View promoted links
  • Find colleagues
  • Enterprise searching

Windows 10 Mobile is definitely heading towards the enterprise market, with the release of the HP Elite x3, along with Microsoft pushing its enterprise apps on to the platform. Microsoft’s core market is enterprise and that’s where its efforts are focused.

There’s no information on when the app will be available for people to preview.

Developer: ‪Microsoft Corporation‬
Price: Kostenlos

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