See why the Surface Pro 3 Core i3 model is a fantastic device for school (video)

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See why the surface pro 3 core i3 model is a fantastic device for school (video)

In a new video uploaded to Microsoft's Surface YouTube channel, Surface marketing intern and college student Kate D’Orazio demonstrates how the Surface Pro 3, featuring the 4th-gen Intel Core i3 processor, is a great device for school. If you are a student looking to purchase a Surface Pro 3, this video might just be your deciding factor.

"It’s the tablet that replaces not only a laptop, but paper notebooks as well. It’s perfect for taking notes – either typed or hand-written – that sync to the cloud with OneDrive, for getting more done with two apps snapped side-by-side, for marking up .pdfs and other documents, and for working in Office and other desktop applications. When it’s time for a mental health break, Surface Pro 3 I great for watching movies, shopping online, and keeping up with friends," Microsoft states.

Clearly, the Surface Pro 3 is a fantastic educational tool with a wide variety of features. Starting at $799, students can get their hands on a Surface Pro 3 and utilize the device in the classroom to take notes and type papers.

The Surface Pro 3 models featuring the 4th-gen Intel Core i3 and Core i7 processors have already gone on sale in Canada and the United States at Microsoft Stores, Best Buy, and other Surface retailers.

We've embedded the two-minute video below for your viewing pleasure.

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