Searching in Windows 10 will be integrated with the Start menu -
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Searching in Windows 10 will be integrated with the Start menu

Satya Nadella and Windows 10

The search feature in Microsoft’s newest operating system is searching for a new home. With the charms bar being removed in Windows 10, the search feature has been seeking for a permanent location in the OS. A reported change in an upcoming build of Windows 10 states that the exact location and implementation method of searching will change.

The most recent and likely final location of searching in Windows 10 is the Start menu. Currently searching in Windows 10 creates an overlap of the a search results box and the Start menu. According to reports, in yet to be released builds of Windows 10 the search feature is integrated with the Start menu as opposed to being an independent search box. The newly integrated search could come as early as the next preview build but may arrive at a later date. Searching through the Start menu may feel more natural to Windows 7 users making the transition to Microsoft’s latest operating system.

With Cortana being built into Windows 10 there are rumors that the search feature may be integrated with Cortana as well. Microsoft has been migrating towards all-encompassing searches for a while. While everything is compartmentalized in Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 combined web and file searches. In Windows 10 we may receive a more natural combination of web and file searches powered by Cortana and the Start menu.

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