Sea of Thieves will support cross-play with Windows 10 and Xbox One

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Sea of Thieves is going to be supporting an even bigger player base than it initially could have, according to a new announcement at Gamescom. The game will officially be supporting cross-play on launch, meaning players on Windows 10 and Xbox One will be able to interact with one-another seamlessly. While this isn't surprising news, it makes things simpler for people who have been anticipating the game with friends who don't have the same hardware.

Sea of Thieves is in Alpha right now, and there are a few people who are currently testing it out - we can expect it to have a full release at some point in 2018, but we have nothing more specific in that. The game intends to mix together Guns of Icarus-esque ship gameplay, in a cartoony, whimsical pirate atmosphere.

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