Sea of Thieves’ 11th Adventure “The Secret Wilds” now live

Robert Collins

Sea of Thieves 11th Adventure, “The Secret Wilds,” is now live through February 2nd. This new Adventure picks up roughly where the previous one (The Rogue’s Legacy) left off. In that Adventure, players were tasked with recovering the lost keepsakes of the legendary Captain Briggsy. One of these keepsakes, Briggsy’s mask, has now been inbued with the memories of its former owner.

With it, players willing to brave the Wilds must take the mask and there discover the truth of Briggsy’s ultimate fate. Players will discover that Briggsy’s mask holds not only Briggsy’s memories but also knowledge of the Secret Starfields—something that may come in handy when navigating the Secret Wilds.

Players can launch this latest Sea of Thieves Adventure by speaking to Larinnha. Those new to the game may want to check out the Pirate Academy. There you’ll find a bounty of gameplay tips and tutorials to get you started on the pirate’s life.

Sea of Thieves 2023 Edition
Sea of Thieves 2023 Edition