CEO believes Microsoft's Windows has become 'irrelevant' -
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According to CEO Marc Benioff, Microsoft's Windows operating system has become "irrelevant." On top of that, Microsoft's upcoming Windows 8 operating system will "mark the end" of Windows' dominance due to increased competition and alternatives. CEO believes Microsoft's Windows has become 'irrelevant' - - October 20, 2012

Benioff believes that CIOs will ask the question, "am I going to Windows 8, or am I going to something else?" Benioff believes that Windows has become "irrelevant" and will be displaced by next generation wireless networks and cloud services. But we are not at that point yet. "Everything is not heterogenous client, everything is not LTE, everything is not cloud ... But we're going to this great new place in our industry," Benioff believes. Next-generation mobile devices are the root cause for this change, as Benioff believes that interest in Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) to work is becoming more popular than using a PC. Regardless of what he thinks, this is just his opinion and many people can or will disagree. Do you agree with his views on Windows?

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