Rocket League video game to get Justice League cars in March

The little car game that could, Rocket Leauge is adding even more for its fans.

In addition to the two new DC Comics-inspired decals and color options from the last DLC, fans will now get their hands on the full roster of DC superhero-laden customization options that include Batmobiles, Lantern Corp trucks and SUV's as well as a sweet new Wonder Woman racer.

Starting March 5th, 2018 fans will be able to race and compete with their rides donning their the emblems and colors of their favorite DC superhero and the design gates are just open to the more popular Justice Leaguer's, even the few and far between Aquaman and Cyborg fans will be included.

While it would have been a welcomed addition had it been offered for free, the March 5th Rocket Leauge DLC will run its fans a middling $4 to be a standout in battle.

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