Rare Replay now available for pre-order, full collection takes up about 50 GB

Rare Replay now available for pre-order, full collection takes up about 50 GB

Rare Replay arrives exclusively on the Xbox One on August 4, 2015 but you can pre-order your copy today on Xbox.com or the Xbox dashboard. The collection features many of the greatest hits from Rare over their thirty year existence. Some of the biggest titles are Battletoads, Banjo-Kazooie but there are quite a few other popular games as part of Rare Replay.

In the Xbox Wire post announcing that pre ordering is open, there is a video of Rare characters singing to celebrate the Rare Replay and thirty years of Rare gaming.

Since Rare Replay covers thirty years of gaming, the collection includes games from both the Xbox 360 and earlier. Luckily for gamers that already have played the Xbox 360 games in the collection, their achievements and progress will be transferred to the Xbox One. Xbox stated in their post “Longtime fans who have dedicated time to the Xbox 360 titles will be able to take existing saved progress and achievements tied to their profile and carry everything over onto Xbox One.”

To digitally download the entire Rare Replay you’ll need about 50 GB of memory on your Xbox One. Windows Central explained that 38 GB of that is for the Xbox 360 games while 11 GB is for all pre Xbox 360 games as part of the initial install. The pre Xbox 360 games and the Xbox 360 games can be downloaded separately though so you can pick and choose what’s worth keeping on your device.

With thirty games as part of Rare Replay coming in at $30 there’s quite a bit of value per dollar.

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