Quantum Break for Windows 10 snags some much needed improvements in latest update

Michael Cottuli

quantum break

Quantum Break came out earlier this month and we gave it a relatively shining review. The game brought together some of the best parts of Remedy’s expert third-person-shooter design with their unique eye for good fiction, creating one of the best purely single-player titles of the past couple of years. While we found it to be a fantastic game on Xbox One, however, many people who purchased it on Windows 10 happened to experience a whole lot of issues, ranging from performance troubles to subtitles not working properly.

For people who found the game nearly unplayable because of the performance issues – and there were plenty of people who felt that way – the team at Remedy has been able to push through a massive update that’s not only adding a few features but squashing a massive laundry list of bugs that people were taking issue with.

Here’s the a brief overview of what got fixed:


  • Added additional graphics options
  • Added Quit Button to Main Menu
  • Alt+Enter now toggles full screen mode


  • Fixed rare instances of cloud saves failing and causing loss of progress
  • Fix for a rare bug that accidentally wiped progress after completing the game
  • Fixed aspect ratio and full screen scaling for non 16:9 resolutions
  • Fixed resolution selection when transitioning from windowed to fullscreen mode
  • Fixed frame timing not matching the refresh rate
  • General Performance Improvements
  • Fixed various keyboard input issues
  • Fixed circular progress bar alpha in the junction stats screen

The list goes on and on, and you can look at the entire changelog on the store page that’s linked below. In short, if you’re one of the people who decided not to play your copy of Quantum Break because of the performance issues, now is definitely the time to see if the game’s more to your liking.

Quantum Break
Quantum Break
Developer: Xbox Game Studios
Price: Free