Project Spark to be out of beta on October 7, will be available on Windows 8 and Xbox One

Project Spark

Microsoft's Project Spark is a 'game' in which you can makes games. It has been in a public beta for half a year and is finally ready for an official release - on October 7th for Windows 8 and the Xbox One.

If you are a beta tester and are worried about all the work you've put into it, have no fear! Your account well be automatically carried over. Everything you have created, earned, unlocked, or purchased will carry over as well.

Additionally, Beta testers will get a reward for their help. If you wanted to try out the Beta, you still can until 11:59pm PDT on October 5th 2014, and you too will get the reward (link below).

Project Sparks offers a unique way of creating an experience for a game. It is a collaborative place where you can express your creativity without needing the programming skills required to make a game from scratch; while still having a the option to choose between inputs like the Kinect, or the ability to record audio, and much more to create your vision.

Team Dakota, the team behind the development of Project Spark, promises that the beta was just the beginning, and we can't wait to see where they take this.

Thanks for the tip, Paul!

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