PowerToys version 0.67.1 is out featuring bug fixes

Kevin Okemwa


Last week, Microsoft released PowerToys version 0.67.0 which shipped with a nifty feature, the Quick access system tray launcher. It is designed to let users access utilities within the app easily. The update also shipped with a couple of improvements as well as the usual fixes.

However, it was discovered that the update was affected by some bugs, thus prompting Microsoft to make another release to patch these issues. The company is now releasing Microsoft PowerToys 0.67.1, a significantly small update, though it still comes with the same features as the previous release.

The new release fixes the FancyZones issue causing window attributes not being reset properly, Power Toys Run crashing when loading thumbnail for PDF files, and more. Be sure to check out the full changelog over at GitHub for more details.

If you already have PowerToys running on your device, it should automatically notify you of this update. Alternatively, you can get this update today by launching your app, then clicking on General followed by the Check for Updates, and then the Install Now button.

Unfortunately, this update didn’t ship with the “much-anticipated” Mouse Jump utility that will help improve navigation for users. Perhaps, it will be part of a future update.

Have you erncountered these bugs while using PowerToys? Share your expereince with us in the comment section.

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