PowerToys 0.47.1 is now available with minor fixes and quality of life improvements

Microsoft has released a minor update for its PowerToys suite of tools. The company says that this release (version 0.47.1) aims to address a couple of stability issues in the Shortcut Guide, FancyZones and PowerToys Run. It also brings quality of life improvements for both developers and end-users.

Here’s the full list of improvements and fixes in PowerToys version 0.47.1:

  • #13516¬†- [Shortcut Guide] After releasing¬†Win¬†key, the start menu pops up
  • #13517¬†- [PowerToys Run] Not working with¬†Win + Space¬†combo
  • #13536¬†- [PowerToys Run] Not working with¬†Shift + CapsLock¬†combo
  • #13585¬†- [FancyZones] Shortcuts not changing layout
  • #13211¬†- [FancyZones] Auto-resizing windows breaks with certain applications
  • #13625¬†- [FancyZones] Layouts not being remembered after computer locks

If you have yet to try PowerToys, you can download the latest version from the GitHub releases page. However, existing PowerToys users should receive this patch automatically, but they can also click on the "Check for updates" button to download the latest update manually.

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