Poll: What Windows 10 feature most excites you?

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Windows 10 Start Menu

Windows 10 is only six days away. Parties are being planned around the world. Advertising campaigns and social media photo badges are in full force. There are ninja cats riding fire breathing unicorns. Many of our readers have been following Windows 10 news since the operating system was first whispered about and it is almost time for the rollout to the public.

With Windows 10 there’s a plethora of new features. The Start Menu and apps on the desktop bring major design changes to Windows. Cortana, updated snap assist, and virtual desktops are big as well. When you add the Action Center, tablet mode and more it was hard to select just four options to include in the poll. It’s even harder to pick just one favorite but that’s what we do here at WinBeta, we ask the hard questions. In this week’s poll you’re charged with selecting one feature that you are most excited about.

All the votes will be tallied up and we’ll discuss the results during this week’s WinBeta Podcast. Let us know in the comments why you’re excited about the feature you voted for as well as other features you’re looking forward to.

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