Poll: Is the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update ready for release?

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Microsoft recently announced that the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update would be released on October 17th, almost exactly a month from now. Even though the days of “release to manufacturing,” where software would have to be finalized and then time taken to record onto floppy disks or pressed into CDs or DVDs are long over, some lead time is still needed, and indeed the final “gold” version of the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update could be put to bed as early as this Friday.

For Surface Pro 3 users, the question is a little silly, as even the latest 16291 build renders an SP3 unusable without a series of workaround steps and a registry hack, but for the rest of us, are the latest builds stable enough for release? Take our poll below and let us know where you stand:

Ready or not, are you running the latest Windows Insider build? Are you happy with the Fall Creators Update? What do you think is still broken or missing? Let us know in the comments below.

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