Phone APIs appear in latest Windows 10 Skip Ahead builds as Surface Phone rumors persist

With Windows 10 Mobile being dead, many Windows Phone enthusiasts have instead been looking forward to an almost-mythical Surface Phone. In what now may be the latest hint that the Surface Phone may indeed be real, Phone related APIs are back in the most recent Windows 10 Skip Ahead build (via WinBuzzer.)

For those unfamiliar, APIs are a system of tools and resources in an operating system that enables developers to create software applications. Microsoft actually removed some of these phone-related APIs in the Fall Creators Update so the re-emergence could be slightly significant and suggests that new Windows 10 hardware might support making phone calls.

The full list of APIs can be found here, (via Reddit) but there's no telling if Microsoft may eventually remove them again in future Skip Ahead builds. At any rate, we've already seen a rash of Microsoft patents for a foldable device with dual screens, so the company is definitely up to something new. Additionally, other rumors have shown Microsoft is planning on making Windows 10 more modular, so maybe these APIs may indeed again fit in with a new type mobile device. There's no telling, and as always, it is best to stay tuned for more.

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