PC games may be coming to Xbox Cloud Gaming

Robert Collins

Xbox Cloud Gaming

Microsoft has inked another deal to bring Activision Blizzard games to more platforms if and when its acquisition completes. This time, it’s with British mobile network EE. What sets this partnership apart is that EE is not a cloud gaming service provider, though it does offer a Game Pass subscription add-on.

The tweet doesn’t give away too many specifics, and neither side has opted to divulge any more details. This could mean that EE is planning to launch a cloud gaming service with a partnership to include ABK games, much like Microsoft has done with Boosteroid and Ubitus.

Or it could mean that Microsoft is preparing to add PC games to Xbox Cloud Gaming. This seems a much more likely bet, especially in light of the recent deal to bring ABK PC titles to Nvidia’s GeForce Now cloud gaming platform. It’s apparent that Microsoft is keen to bring as many games to as many platforms as possible, especially once the Activision merger happens. In 2024, Microsoft intends to launch an Xbox mobile games store to compete with Apple and Google in that space.