Payroll cuts, layoffs hit some Microsoft employees -
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Payroll cuts, layoffs hit some Microsoft employees

According to a report from Brad Sams, Microsoft has cut from its payroll by letting go of some employees at its corporate offices and in regions across the globe. The layoffs are being called "small round," and Microsoft is not sharing any additional details beyond confirming the layoffs are in fact a reality.

The report makes it apparent that the layoffs are impacting the Windows Devices Group, and Bing and other operational areas. Since Microsoft has over 100,000 employees, the impact and the exact size of the layoffs are still not known, and it is being called "minor" when compared to previous layoffs and job cuts.

Microsoft previously laid off 3,000 employees, mainly in international offices and sales divisions. These previous layoffs were part of a restructuring at Microsoft where the enterprise customer unit merged together with the small and medium enterprise business unit. The company also cut up to 1,500 employees following the sell-off of its Nokia smartphone handset division.

Update: The layoffs and payroll cuts are part of a reorg and Microsoft's plans to evolve Windows Mixed Reality initiatives.

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