Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen commits $100 million against Ebola, creates #TackleEbola so you can help

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Paul Allen commits 00 million to fight Ebola, sets up so you can help

You have probably heard of Ebola. It is a disease that is infectious through contact of body fluids and often fatal, with symptoms including fever and internal bleeding. Yesterday, Paul G. Allen committed $100 million in the fight against Ebola.

If Paul Allen sounds familiar, it is probably because he co-founded Microsoft. He is also the owner of the Seattle Seahawks and Portland Trailblazers, and very fortunate billionaire investor. He has been passionate about philanthropy and helping the world become a better place, and his fight against Ebola will focus on 3 initiatives.

Humanitarian aid worker medevac fund and medevac transport. This is aimed at providing a clear solution to the international workers if they get infected in Africa and require transportation and treatment. Not only will it ensure safety, it aids in recruitment. Donations for the University of Massachusetts Medical School will contribute decontamination and lab equipment to hospitals in Liberia. is a platform launched to enable as many individuals as possible can contribute to specific organizations and the fight for Ebola at large.

Seeing the variety of aid and effort required provides unique insight to fighting an epidemic such as the Ebola virus. You can read the full details here, and donate through

Image Credit: CDC/ Ethleen Lloyd

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