Did Panos Panay just reveal the Microsoft Band 3?

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With recent rumors suggesting that the Microsoft Band 2 could be on its way out, it was only a matter of time before details of the upcoming Microsoft Band 3 began to surface before its likely October 2016 release. Something few fans were expecting though, was for it to be accidentally shown during an official Microsoft Facebook live event.

The unintentional product reveal was first noticed by SuperSite for Windows’ Rod Trent who took the following video of the live stream. In it, Microsoft’s Panos Panay can be seen clearly wearing some sort of wearable device on his left wrist. It was initially covered by his sweater’s sleeves but Panay unconsciously rolled his sleeves up during mid-conversation, fully revealing it. After a minute or two, he seems to realize what he’s done and immediately rolls his sleeves down again.

It’s unconfirmed if this was the Microsoft Band 3 but it definitely bares similarities to the Microsoft Band 2. The most-obvious difference is the colored band which appears much slimmer and more flexible than the one used in that device though. Interestingly, many consumers had experienced problems with the Microsoft Band 2’s band, so it would make perfect sense that the third generation product would redesign this aspect of it.

The Microsoft Band is Microsoft’s fitness wearable device which connects to the company’s Microsoft Health cloud service. It can track a wearer’s heart rate, outdoor UV levels, elevation and can also provided guided workouts designed by professional trainers, planned and unplanned trekking routes, and several features for other sports such as golf and bike riding. The original Microsoft Band came out in October 2014 and its successor was released in October 2015.

Do you think this was the Microsoft Band 3? Could it be the final version or is it just a prototype? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


Site reader, Gary, has just emailed us to let us know about another potential sighting of the Microsoft Band 3 earlier this week. It was spotted during a NASCAR event where Microsoft’s Mike Downey was present and appeared to be wearing two devices on his left wrist, one of which bares a resemblance to the one worn by Panos Panay. We’ve created a screencap taken from this video here.

Microsoft's Mike Downey Possibly Wearing a Microsoft Band 3

Upon closer inspection, it appears to be different than the one worn by Panay and its screen does seem to look like an e-ink model which suggests it’s not a Microsoft Band at all. During our online searches though, we were unable to come up with a wearable that matches this one’s appearance and due to it appearing the same week as Panay’s, it also having a light band, and it being worn by a Microsoft employee who is known for his involvement in new technologies and sports (a perfect combination for the Microsoft Band brand), we thought we should mention it here just in case it does prove to be legit. It could likely be an early prototype which often look different from the final commercial release. What do you think?

Thanks for the tip, Gary, and if anyone else discovers any potential news items, don’t hesitate to email us via the link at the top of the page.

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