Over 250K Xbox Series X|S consoles sold in Japan in 2022

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2022 was a pretty good year for Microsoft’s current-gen Xbox console in Japan, at least by Xbox-in-Japan standards, according to sales numbers published by Famitsu.

In 2022, 269,737 Xbox Series X|S consoles were sold in Japan. This brings the total number of units sold since launch to 398,395 and also makes it clear that last year was the most successful one for the current Xbox console generation.

It’s worth noting that this report makes no distinction between the premium Xbox Series X console and the more wallet-friendly Xbox Series S. Sales of both are conflated.

Compared to the rival video game consoles, Microsoft’s Xbox consoles came in third behind Nintendo’s Switch (4,804,546) and Sony’s PlayStation 5 (1,154,054) and beat out sales of the last-gen PlayStation 4 (22,823) and Nintendo 3DS (10,449) consoles.

While the Switch and PS5 clearly outsold Xbox Series X|S consoles overall in 2022, the Xbox consoles did, on occasion, sell better than the PS5.

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