Outlook to have ‘time-zone prompts’ integration, enhancing meeting scheduling

Devesh Beri

Microsoft has announced a new addition to its Microsoft 365 roadmap to improve scheduling efficiency in Outlook for users dealing with multiple time zones.

The new feature, Feature ID 170783, was added to the roadmap on September 13, 2023. It specifically targets Outlook, available on the worldwide standard multi-tenant cloud instance and accessible through web platforms.

With this update, when scheduling a meeting involving participants in different time zones, organizers will receive prompts and extra information about the respective time zones of each participant, helping them to schedule accordingly.

This enhancement is designed to make it easier for meeting organizers to identify a suitable meeting time that accommodates participants across various time zones.

The rollout for this feature is set to commence this month, marking its transition to the General Availability release phase.

Coordinating meetings and events across different time zones can be a hassle for anyone. However, this addition can simplify the process and streamline collaboration for global teams. Organizers can quickly identify suitable meeting times that work for everyone by providing insights into each participant’s time zone. This feature eliminates scheduling conflicts and reduces confusion, ensuring more efficient collaboration across regions.

Earlier this month, Microsoft Outlook announced allowing sending larger files through email.