Opera Mini, gone missing, returns to the Windows Phone Store

Opera Mini

Amid the recent news that several prominent US banks had chosen to pull their apps from the Windows Phone store, the revelation that Opera Mini had supposedly followed suit was unsurprisingly discomfiting.

Appearing on the store last year, the app (which is still in beta form) has seen a number of updates on a regular basis, seemingly hinting that development was something of a priority for its creators.

Luckily this has proved to be the case, as the app has now reappeared in the Windows Phone store, users can now exhale. Opera itself treated the issue with brevity, thankfully, stating:

With an end to the beta ostensibly in sight, it is a source of at least a little comfort that there are a few developers left who are willing to consistently develop for the platform.

Do you use Opera Mini on Windows Phone? Let us know in the comments below.

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