Opera 11.60 Beta 1 released

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Opera 11.60 Beta 1 released - OnMSFT.com - November 10, 2011

We have all seen the new Opera 12 snapshots floating around so its kind of odd to see an Opera 11 build. But have no fear, Opera 12 has recently been delayed and in the mean time, we will get Opera 11.60 instead. Dont worry though, most of the new features planned for Opera 12 are now in Opera 11.60.

So whats new in this Beta build?

New mail design

The Opera browser’s built-in mail client allows you to manage your messages automatically. In 11.60 beta, we’ve modernized the design and made navigation even more intuitive. 

Faster browsing with reduced memory usage

Opera has fine-tuned the browser to be more efficient: Opera 11.60 beta is faster at loading pages and uses less memory on websites with lots of JavaScript.

New browser engine with an HTML5 parser

Along with a number of improvements to the browser engine, Opera 11.60 beta includes a new HTML5-compliant parser. This provides richer functionality to web developers and improved compatibility with other browsers.

Revamped address field

Opera’s address field has been revamped with new search suggestions, and improved results display in History and Bookmarks.

And, as always, Opera’s unique full text search provides you search results from the body of the page.

Save your favorite pages with a click

You can now add pages to bookmarks or Speed Dial instantly – just by selecting the star in the address field. It’s also easy to see whether a page is one of your favorites, as the star will change color.

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