OneNote is offering free eBook "Liberating Genius: The First 20 Days" to teachers

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Microsoft, Angela Maiers of Angela’s Books and Choose2Matter Inc, have all gotten together to help teachers prepare for another back to school season. The three-prong collaboration will provide teachers and classrooms with a free, customizable and interactive eBook accessed through OneNote Class Notebook. Maiers and co-author Mark Moran’s book, Liberating Genius: The First 20 Days, is being offered through OneNote to classrooms to help promote the concept of ‘Genius Hour.’
Genius Hour is a learning experience guided by teachers to help passion-driven genius work become a student's routine rather than simply being extracurricular activities. Students are encouraged to collaborate and support each another’s genius as well as experiment with ideas to produce greater things. Genius Hour encourages teachers to help students become effective learners and citizens by helping them apply what they gather in schools and implement it to a broader community.
According to Maiers and founder of Choose2Matter, “Since classrooms began adopting Genius Hour five years ago, I’ve had thousands of educators ask me for advice on the best way to do so. This book contains lesson plans for the first 20 days and also curates the best advice from the vibrant community of passionate educators at the forefront of this movement.”
[pullquote align="right" cite="" link="" color="" class="" size=""]OneNote is free and available on every platform, making it the ideal distribution platform for education[/pullquote]
As far as Microsoft’s involvement, OneNote was chosen to launch Liberating Genius: The First 20 Days, because of it ubiquitous nature. OneNote is free and available on every platform, making it the ideal distribution platform for education.
For classrooms already equipped with OneNote Class Notebook, the free Liberating Genius” notebook should just appear as another notebook. To gain access to the content, follow these steps:

1. Download the “Liberating Genius” eBook and then open it on the OneNote desktop (PC or Mac), iOS device or Android device.
2. Move the desired pages or sections into the Class Notebook that you have open in OneNote already. Most teachers will prefer to put these in the Content Library so that students can only read or copy it into their personal section, not edit it though.
3. Use the Genius Hour lesson plans with your students who all have access to the OneNote Class Notebook!

We have been reporting on the numerous instances in which OneNote has become the go-to tool for both teachers and students when it comes to communication or organization in schools. The Liberating Genius notebook also has instructions and examples for best utilizing OneNote and Microsoft’s new presentation software, Sway.
In addition to the eBook promotion, Microsoft is also a proud sponsor at Choose2Matter Live events this 2015-16 school year.
While the hardware battle between Windows-based PCs and Chromebooks battles out in education, Microsoft is scoring much-needed points with their software as of late.

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