OneNote app for Windows 10 Mobile gets new improvements in latest update -
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OneNote app for Windows 10 Mobile gets new improvements in latest update

Microsoft's OneNote app is a great way to take the age old pen and paper and adapt a new digital way of taking notes. With the ability to download this app across a wide range of devices, you'll never lose important information you've jotted down. Having this level of access and communication, for important notes, is what drives Microsoft to continually improve upon its features. Today, OneNote gets a list of updated features to further enhance its abilities and uses for a variety of scenarios. With this update we have:

  • Move/Copy and organization of Pages, as desired
  • Automatic transformation of drawings into shapes
  • Sharing of Pages from mobile device to apps like Outlook Mail
  • Insert pictures captured on phone to Pages
  • Easier ability to copy and paste information from phone into Pages
  • Additional fixes to bugs and performance improvements

With Microsoft’s “mobile first, cloud first” mantra, these updates to OneNote show that initiative being front and center for the company and their consumers. You can grab the app from the download link below.

Price: Free

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