OneNote for Android gets “Floatie”, a quicker way to take notes

OneNote for Android gets "Floatie", a quicker way to take notes

OneNote is one of the best note-taking applications and is available on a wide range of platforms. If you happen to be a regular user of OneNote on your Android device, Microsoft has introduced an interesting new feature known as “Floatie” (via Android Authority). The name may sound a little strange, but in reality, it’s an extremely useful feature, allowing users to take notes on their Android devices while doing other tasks.

It’s similar to chat heads which were introduced with Facebook. It’s a floating icon on the home screen which can be used to jot down notes from any app you’re working on. To get started with Floatie, all a user has to do is to open the app and hit the menu button. Tap on “Start Floatie” to place it anywhere on the home screen. To remove the icon, just long press on the icon and drag it to the “X” icon.

Just head over to the Google Play Store and grab the updated OneNote for Android. Android Authority points out that updates take some time to roll out in the Google Play Store so be patient and check back in a bit if the new feature doesn’t show up for you.

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