OneDrive for Windows 10 Mobile updated with new organization tools

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OneDrive for Windows 10 Mobile has received an update that while not major, makes it easier to organize files saved on Microsoft’s cloud. You can now select to sort files in either ascending or descending order by age or size. This is a handy feature when trying to keep track of files and also makes it easy to know which files are taking up the most of your storage space.
This feature was already available on the Windows 8.1 version of OneDrive so it’s a nice, albeit delayed addition to the Windows 10 Mobile version. OneDrive as a whole in Windows 10 has struggled lately. With the update to Windows 10 on the desktop a user favorite feature, placeholders, was removed and the mobile version seems to be playing some catch up as well. Transitioning every function and feature to Windows 10 is a complicated task for Microsoft but hopefully we’ll continue to see things from previous versions brought to Windows 10.

Developer: ‪Microsoft Corporation‬
Price: Free

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