redesigned to make getting to Office 365 faster and easier

Microsoft unveiled today a redesigned version of, the online hub that gives Office 365 users easy access to all their apps, documents, contacts and more. In addition to the slightly redesigned UI, now features an improved search experience to quickly find what you’re looking for.

On the top left of your browser window, the Office 365 app launcher has also been revamped to help you be more productive. “The simplified design provides smarter defaults that are relevant to the type of work you do and allows you to access recent online Office documents from anywhere in Office 365,” explained the Office team.

Lastly, Microsoft is launching the new Office 365 gallery, which as been designed to provide personalized information about everything you use. “Based on your subscription and usage patterns, the gallery provides suggestions on the right app to use for what you are trying to accomplish,” explained Microsoft. The Office 365 gallery will be accessible from the “Explore all your apps” button from or the Office 365 app launcher.

You can learn more details about all the redesigned, Office 365 app launched and new Office 365 gallery in the video below:

All these new features seem to be pretty nice additions, and Microsoft says that they will roll out “soon” to all Office 365 customers.

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