Office 365 vs Office 2019: What’s the difference for you?

Arif Bacchus

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If you’re looking to install Microsoft Word or the other Microsoft Office apps on your computer, you can either choose from Office 365, or Office 2019. While the two products might be a bit similar in nature, there still might be some confusion as to which one is best for you. No need to worry though, as we’re going to dive a bit deeper into all the differences, and which one will give you the best bang for your buck.

Office 365 — a subscription service best with multiple computers and users

Office 365 is Microsoft’s subscription-based service that gives you access to all of the Microsoft Office apps across up to five devices for a monthly or yearly fee. That said, we think Office 365 is best if you’re planning to install Office on multiple computers — or if you’re wanting to share Office with others.

It’s also best if you want the most current (and monthly updated) versions of the Office applications — including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Access, and Publisher. You even get bonus services and features when subscribing to Office 365. That includes 1TB of cloud storage on Microsoft OneDrive per user and 60 minutes of calling on Skype per month. Both the up to date versions, and access to OneDrive and Skype are not included with Office 2019.

Keep in mind, though, there are two versions of Office 365 for consumers — Office 365 Home and Office 365 Personal. Both are reasonably affordable. Home comes in with the cost of $99.99 a year, or $9.99 a month, and Personal at the cost of $6.99 a month, or $69.99 a year. With both versions of Office 365, you can install and stay signed in with one account on five devices at the same time. However, with Office 365 Home, you can add up to six different users under one account, which makes it an excellent option to share Office for an affordable price across multiple computers. Office 365 Personal has a one user account limit.

We previously explained the differences between Home and Personal, so check that out for more if you’re deciding between the two.

You can buy Office 365 Home by clicking here or Office 365 Personal by clicking here.

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Office 2019 — one-time purchase, own it forever, best with one computer

Not everyone might want to pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee just to create and edit documents in Microsoft Office, and if that is the case, then we think Office 2019 is for you. This version of Office as a one-time purchase of $149.99 for Office 2019 Home and Student, or Home and Business (licensed for commercial use) for $249.99. Once you buy Office 2019, you will own it forever, without worrying about a subscription. Unfortunately, though, it only can be installed on one computer and does have some missing features and bonuses when compared to Office 365.

For example, Office 2019 only receives security updates, and you won’t get any new monthly Office features. Upgrades to major releases also aren’t included in Office 2019, so once you buy it, you’ll be stuck with the same version forever. Additionally, you do not get any additional free storage space on OneDrive or free calling on Skype.

Also, keep in mind, that Office 2019 only includes access to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint (Home and Business includes Outlook and OneNote, too). Unlike with an Office 365 subscription, you do not get access to Microsoft Access, Outlook, and Publisher on PC.

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Office 365 is the best option for most

At the end of the day, Office 365 offers up the best value for the price and is the best way to go for most. While it does come with a monthly subscription fee, and you don’t “own” it forever like with Office 2019, it does have the best advantages. You’ll be able to enjoy Office on multiple computers and get constant updates and get the best from Microsoft at an affordable monthly price.