Office 365 Personal is a new, cheaper subscription package designed with individuals in mind

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Office 365 personal is a new, cheaper subscription package designed with individuals in mind

If you've considered upgrading to Office 365 but have been put off by the price, there's good news: a new Personal subscription is now available that sees the annual cost dropping to just $69.99. While the regular subscription packages are great deals, you may feel it is unnecessary to pay for five licenses when you are only going to use one.

Opt for Office 365 Personal and you will be able to connect one Mac or PC, as well as one tablet, to the service. If you don’t like the idea of signing up for an entire year, or just like the idea of cutting your up-front costs, there is also a monthly payment option available -- just $6.99 a month.

There is currently no precise release date for the new package, but it is promised for some time in spring this year. Anyone signing up for the Personal package will also benefit from an extra 20GB of OneDrive storage space, and 60 minutes of free Skype calls each month.

This is not the only change coming to Office 365. Office 365 Home Premium is to undergo a slight rebranding. Nothing is changing with the service other than the name -- it will drop the Premium tag and be known as Office 365 Home. The name change will come into effect in spring at the same time as Office 365 Personal is introduced.

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