Oblivion, 3 more titles come Xbox One via Backward Compatibility

Dennis Bednarz

Updated on:

The Xbox One Backward Compatibility program is an amazing thing. By emulating the Xbox 360 software, the Xbox One can run older games made for its predecessor and therefore let gamers enjoy older classics and games from the “good old times”. Microsoft is constantly adding more titles to the “Backward Compatibility list” and this time it may be time for yet another great and loved game, together with other, less known titles that may be equally enjoyable.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is finally available for the Xbox One which means Bethesda may be jumping onto the backward compatibility train.This was revealed in a tweet from Microsoft’s Major Nelson today:

As you can see, aside from the gaming behemoth, Medal of Honor Airborne, Trine 2 and Astro Pop are also available.  All of these games will now work on your Xbox One or Xbox One S.

Do not confuse this with the “Games with Gold” deal as these games are not free for Xbox Live Gold users. They have just been re-published for the newer generation of Microsoft consoles, and will still cost you money if you haven’t bought them earlier.

You can download Oblivion, Astropop, MOH Airborne and/or Trine 2 from the Xbox Store, and start playing them on your Xbox One now.