NVIDIA announces entry level GTX 1050 video cards for PC gaming

NVIDIA's newest graphics card is created to bring gaming to all users in spite of their budget. That's right, for only $109, you'll be able to get the 'world's most advanced architecture' with the GTX 1050 GPU.

Advertised as being Game Ready, the new GPU is intended to be low price with decent graphics for every gamer. The card is built with the Pascal architecture. This not only means that the GTX1050 will perform well in higher resolutions and more monitors, but the card is set up to tackle virtual reality.

Benchmarks on the product page might be a bit biased, but even they show the significant increase to its predecessors. Compared to the GTX 750 Ti, the 1050 and 1050 Ti perform much better. Of course, given that it is a budget card, it's to be expected that the 1050 won't be the select choice for more elite gamers. But if you're looking to pick a GPU up with as little cost as possible, this might be the biggest bang for your buck.

The VR ready GTX 1050 will be available for $109 USD as of October 25, 2016. Likewise, you can upgrade yourself to a GTX 1050 Ti. We don't know how much the upgrade will cost as of yet, but we'll see more in les than a week away. You can learn more about the GTX 1050 series on NVIDIA.com, and sign up to be notified when they become available.

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