No, you won't actually be able to buy an Xbox Onesie

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Onesies are some of the most comfortable clothing and what better outfit to bunker down in for a bout of gaming than an Xbox version. Unfortunately, according to Neowin, the popularly requested Xbox Onesies revealed by the Australian branch are no longer available.

Originally given away as the Xbox One S launch across social media, these personalized Onesies could be customized by size, color, and gamertag/name on the breast. Even Major Nelson had the opportunity to pass out a limited amount to give away on his blog.

Neowin reached out to Microsoft spokesperson that had some unfortunate news for comfort lovers:

The Xbox Onesies were for a limited-time activation led by our Xbox Australia team and are no longer available at this time.

Gamers are still able to get the digital version for their Xbox Live avatar. For now, the comfortable cloth cocoon is out of stock. Maybe the high demand will bring Microsoft to distribute some more in the future. Until then, we'll have to settle with our normal pajamas.

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