No Time To Explain now available on Xbox One -
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No Time To Explain now available on Xbox One

No Time To Explain now available on Xbox One

According to Major Nelson, No Time to Explain is the latest indie game for the Xbox One. No Time to Explain started off as a flash-based game on and later became a Kickstarter project to bring the game to the Xbox One and No Time to Explain Remastered is now available on Steam. Developed by tinyBuild Games, No Time to Explain is a 2D side-scrolling action platformer that follows an unnamed character that chases his future self throughout time for an unexplained reason. Just as your future self attempts to explain the situation, he is interrupted by being eaten by a monster. 

The No Time to Explain game plot follows the usual time travel themes; alternate timelines and the time paradox effect. Your only weapon against the number of enemies you encounter is a jetpack-style gun that shoots a continuous laser that serves as both your weapon and your means of propulsion. The gun does weaken over time, so you have to plan accordingly. There are different kinds of guns available in the many different levels in No Time to Explain; there's a shotgun that shoots you across small distances as well as a slingshot that can bounce you from wall to wall.

After playing the 30-minute free trial, I became addicted to No Time to Explain. I think No Time to Explain is a fun and great game, but I can't tell you why I love the game because there's really no time to explain! Buy No Time to Explain for $14.99.

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