No new Windows 10 Mobile builds today, and some Insiders are getting restless

Kareem Anderson

Updated on:

At the end of 2015, the Windows team made some lofty claims about the speed of builds that will arrive in 2016. A full seven days into the new year, some antsy Windows 10 Mobile Insiders are looking towards the Windows team to start delivering on those claims.

Unfortunately, the vice president of WDG Engineering System Gabe Aul has shot down the notion of a new mobile build arriving today via his Twitter account.

Windows Insiders tend to be a forward-thinking bunch and are often ready for changes or updates to the Windows ecosystem much most quickly than the general public. With Gabe’s original claims of faster Insider builds sitting at a two-and-half-week-old post, some are arguably questioning the whereabouts of a new build.

With that being said, the Windows team is more than likely under pressure to release the official Windows 10 Mobile update for older devices sometime this month. Perhaps, once the ball gets rolling on that release, Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 PC Insiders will start getting more hints of upcoming updates soon after.