No new builds today, but Windows Insider news “coming soon”

Kip Kniskern

Surface Pro 4, Surface Book, HoloLens

From the sound of it, Microsoft is about ready to resume, and even pick up the pace, on Windows Insider builds after taking time off for the holidays. Although there were some expectations for a new build to be released today, that didn’t happen (unless you count the PC build 10586.63 being released to non-Insiders), but according to the Oracle of Gabe Aul’s Twitter account, get ready to get back to testing new stuff, and soon:

Whether the latest builds will be for PC or mobile or both remains to be seen, as does what exactly will be released. Currently, Gabe Aul is running Windows 10 build 11097 (or he was as of yesterday), and he did drop one hint of what’s to come, that a files transfer progress window is making it’s way back to Windows 10:

Once the ball gets rolling, Windows Insiders are likely to experience a faster cadence of new builds, as Microsoft works it’s way towards a summer release of “Redstone”, the first major revision to Windows 10. Windows 10 Mobile users should be getting good news soon, too, especially those on Windows Phone 8.1, as Microsoft should begin to start shipping Windows 10 Mobile to existing Windows Phones literally any time now.

As usual, stay tuned to WinBeta for all the latest Windows 10 news, and get ready for some new build goodness!