No, Microsoft is not offering Surface RT owners a full price trade-in for the Surface Pro

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Surface Pro

Rumors circulated the internet today claiming that some Microsoft Stores were allowing Surface RT owners to return their device for a full retail price in return for the Surface Pro. This rumor was debunked today as Microsoft has issued an official statement denying such claims.

Apparently, consumers were being told at some Microsoft Stores that they could "turn in their Surface RT device for full retail value, and only pay the difference between that, and the cost of the Surface Pro to get the forthcoming device." This is not true. Microsoft, however, does have a 30 day return policy on the Surface RT. So if you purchased the Surface RT in the past 30 days, you can return it and use the refund towards the new Surface Pro. We called a few stores and found out that Microsoft is offering a "Recycle for Rewards" program which allows you to sell your laptop or tablet (or in this case your Surface RT) in good condition for a decent amount. Roughly, one can get $415 for the 32GB Surface RT model and around $490 for the 64GB, however, it all depends on the condition of the device. The Surface Pro is scheduled for release on Saturday, February 9th.

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