No IE10 for Windows Vista users

Email Twitter: @ronwinbeta Apr 14th, 2011 inNews

Some bad news for Windows Vista users as Microsoft announced that its next internet browser will not support the operating system. Microsoft advises users to use the latest Windows operating system if they want to run Internet Explorer 10.

As ZDNet reports, Internet Explorer 10 (IE10), Microsoft’s new upcoming browser, will not run on Windows Vista. IE10 is currently in its platform preview stage and does not support Windows Vista. Microsoft confirmed today that once IE10 goes final, it will not work on any operating system older than Windows 7.

If you try to install the IE10 platform preview, you will receive a dialog box that says, “Windows Internet Explorer Platform Preview does not support any operating system earlier than Windows 7.”

Microsoft goes on the record to say, “Windows Vista customers have a great browsing experience with IE9, but in building IE10 we are focused on continuing to drive the kind of innovation that only happens when you take advantage of the ongoing improvements in modern operating systems and modern hardware.”

Mozilla had a few words to say when the company found out that IE9 was not going to support Windows XP. “That took us a lot of work. We had to do almost twice the work to accelerate [Firefox 4] on Vista and Windows 7, and Windows XP,” said Nightingale. “But by our count, Windows XP still accounts for 40% to 50% of the Web. Our obligation is to the users, and Windows XP is not a part we can cut out.” Mozilla could not be reached for comments regarding IE10.

Just recently, Microsoft announced that Internet Explorer 9 was not going to support Windows XP. Ryan Gavin, senior director of Internet Explorer, argued in favor of Microsoft’s decision. “We knew we didn’t want to optimize for the lowest common denominator, you need a modern operating system. Supporting XP would have been optimizing for the lowest common denominator. It’s ten years old. That’s not what developers need to move the Web forward.”

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