Microsoft releases IE10 Platform Preview, demonstrates IE10 and Windows on ARM

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At MIX11 in Las Vegas, Microsoft unveiled the next version of Internet Explorer, IE10. IE10 continues IE9’s push for delivering Native HTML5 by avoiding abstractions, layers, and libraries that would generally slow down your browsing experience.

IE10 Platform Preview 1 is available for download today at It is the first of many Platform Previews that will be released by Microsoft every 8-12 weeks. Microsoft is only in its third week of development for IE10 however they’re looking to engage the community as early as possible.

The new browser engine adds support for emerging CSS3 standards. Microsoft has provided a variety of test drives at for CSS3 Multi-column Layout (link), CSS3 Grid Layout (link) and CSS3 Flexible Box Layout (link), CSS3 Gradients (link), and ES5 Strict Mode. Future builds of IE10 will add support for CSS3 Transitions (link) and CSS3 3D Transforms (link).

A First Look video is available from Channel 10:

Only a year after Microsoft’s first Platform Preview release of IE9, Microsoft are accelerating their efforts in delivering a modern browser with the release of the first IE10 Platform Preview. This sets an encouraging trend for Microsoft to keep up with the faster release cycles of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Update: As spotted by Engadget, Dean Hachamovitch demonstrated IE10 at MIX11 running on an ARM version of Windows. The processor being used was a 1GHz ARM chip with 1GB of memory.

Microsoft releases IE10 Platform Preview, demonstrates IE10 and Windows on ARM April 12, 2011

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