Next generation Xbox console to be released in 2 versions?

There have been many rumours circling the web the past few weeks, all about the next generation Xbox console. Today, another eye-catching rumour has been spread across the web, reporting that Microsoft will release 2 next generation consoles, one for hardcore gamers, and one for casual gamers. claims that Microsoft are working on 2 versions of the next Xbox console, one for hardcore gamers and one for casual gamers.

One of the versions, presumably the casual console will be a low cost machine that would be designed like a TV box. It would not include a HDD or disk drive, instead the console would pull all content from the cloud, such as games and media.

The hardcore machine would include a HDD and disk drive. The console will also include higher-end specs, such as two graphics chips as well as backwards compatibility support for Xbox 360 games, unlike the lower-end console.

There is currently no real evidence on what Microsoft could be planning with their next console, so take this rumour with a grain of salt.

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