Newest Razer Blade gaming laptop launches; here are the specs

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If you were impressed with the previous iteration of the Razer Blade, you might just enjoy the recent makeover that it's gotten. The Razer Blade is being re-released with a thinner look, an improved keyboard, a few changes under the hood, and the tune-ups necessary to go full-on 4K with its display. The Full HD version of the new Razer has a generally standard 1920x1080 resolution, but the brave souls who pick up the 4K UHD will have to contend with a massive 3840x2160 resolution.

Newest razer blade gaming laptop launches; here are the specs - onmsft. Com - february 14, 2017
The new razer blade's specifications

Both of these models are gorgeous, and offer you about as much power as you would get from a souped-up gaming PC. The GTX 1060 is good enough to future-proof you for a decent amount of time, and it leaves plenty of wiggle room for you to enjoy games of all types. If you feel like you're prepared to spend the thousands of dollars on this laptop, you should pony up on the official Razer website. The 4K UHD version isn't quite available yet, but you can grab the HD Blade right now.

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