In case you forgot the Xbox One S supports 4K and HDR, here's a new ad

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Microsoft has just released a new commercial for their Xbox One S video game console to remind shoppers about its unique features that set it apart from the original Xbox One, notably its integrated 4K Blu-ray player, 4K output, and HDR image capability. Check it out below.

The Xbox One S launched in August of this year and has been one of the main contributors to the Xbox One line of consoles outselling Sony’s PlayStation 4 several months in a row. The Xbox One S is expected to continue selling well into the 2016 holiday season with a dip expected next year when Microsoft releases another iteration of the Xbox One model, currently named Project Scorpio. Project Scorpio will be significantly more powerful than the Xbox One and Xbox One S however and many are speculating that it could feature another console generation-level of upgrades.

Have you bought an Xbox One S yet or are you going to wait for Scorpio? What do you think the most important feature is? Let us know in the comments below.

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