New Xbox One Experience (NXOE) Avatars and OneGuide get video walkthroughs -
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New Xbox One Experience (NXOE) Avatars and OneGuide get video walkthroughs

Microsoft’s exploration of the new Xbox One experience continues with another in-depth look at a couple of new features coming to the console next week.
Today, fans are walked through the Xbox Avatar creator, and OneGuide experiences that are coming to the Xbox One. Fans of crafting eerily similar polygon versions of themselves will take pleasure in the new layout and settings features for creating Avatars on the Xbox One. The new tool comes with visual fidelity improvements such as anti-aliasing, lighting, shading, that ultimately results in a more modern feel. Furthermore, user’s mini-me online representative will now populate in more areas throughout the new Xbox One experience. Avatars will now appear in various locations such as profiles, Activity Feeds, Achievement comparisons, Game Hubs, and more.

While the Avatar changes will be welcomed by most, I’m personally looking forward to the new OneGuide experience. Perhaps, unlike most, I use the Xbox One as a multimedia device. I mainly use it to power my TV, Netflix, HBO and YouTube viewing sessions.
The Xbox team list the advances as such:

We’ve also made improvements to the live TV experience you already know in OneGuide. You can now enjoy a picture-in-picture of what you’re watching while you check TV listings or browse for something else to watch. If you watch live TV, you’ll also notice that TV listings now come up instantly and in full screen, letting you see what’s on more channels at once.
Coming soon, live TV listings from the Sling TV app including AMC, TNT, HBO, and more will be integrated into OneGuide, for Xbox One owners in the U.S. This will allow you to be able to see all your favorite channels including Sling TV channels side by side in OneGuide.”

The Windows 10 update to the Xbox One is shaping up to deliver a whole new console experience. We’ll have to wait and see how successful the roll-out of the New Xbox One Experience goes, but barring any critical bugs or delays, the update may be just what the console needs this shopping season.

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