New Tesla promo shows off sweet in-car gaming rig

Robert Collins

A recent promotion shows off a pretty impressive gaming rig that’s available in Tesla Model S and Model X vehicles. The video was shown on Instagram and Twitter. In it, a user can be seen playing Crysis on the car’s dashboard display screen (answering that age-old question: can it run Crysis?).

Granted, that game is from 2007, but it’s an impressive feat nonetheless. The video shows the player using a Razer keyboard and mouse.

It is the latest example of Tesla and other electric car makers making a more pronounced effort to up their infotainment offerings on their onboard displays. Over the past year, we’ve reported on BMW bringing casual gaming to its iDrive displays and the (perhaps farfetched) possibility of Sony Honda Mobility integrating PlayStation 5 into its cars.

In the Tesla Holiday Update released late last year the Steam gaming platform was integrated in beta form, along with Apple Music. The models X and S boast 10 teraflops of processing power—the same as in Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.