New OneDrive for Business feature lets you easily take back control of shared files

Email Twitter: @HammadSalim Jul 21st, 2015 inNews

New OneDrive for Business feature lets you take back control of shared files

OneDrive for Business offers several useful features for business professionals to work on their projects and other tasks. Many of these features make it easier to collaborate with colleagues and co-workers. A feature which has been requested by many users is the ability to easily take back control of files that have been shared with others. That option is now available as outlined by a post on the OneDrive blog.

After projects are complete, individuals may want to take back control of files they shared, but until recently OneDrive for Business users had to go into the sharing function and remove everyone from the list one at a time. To make it easier to stop sharing files with large numbers of individuals, Microsoft has added a “stop sharing command” which makes the user have sole access to the file with only a few simple clicks.

This feature was added due to requests by consumers. If you’re a OneDrive for Business user and feel that there are some features which should be present in the service, you can head over to the uservoice section and raise your concern.

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