New Lumia device? Nokia RM-977 found in Logistics tracking report

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New Lumia device? Nokia RM-977 found in Logistics tracking report

We know that Nokia, like any handset maker, is always designing and testing new devices. We’ve heard a lot about a Lumia 929 handset that is in the works, though details are still simply speculation. Well, let the guessing game begin anew, because another mystery Nokia device has been spotted, this time landing on an import list in India, but giving only the vaguest of ideas as to what it could be.

The new handset is labeled as the RM-977, but beyond that, little can be gleaned, aside from the fact it has a 4.5-inch screen. The device arrived from Finland on November 22nd, and the import listing reads “cellphone Nokia TRX RM-977 (single SIM, touch screen, s/size: 4.5) (inter company use for testing & evaluation purpose).” 48 of these mystery handsets have landed in India, a shipment of 43 on November 22nd and two prior deliveries totaling five handsets that arrived a day earlier.

As we said, not much to go on — it can’t even be definitely called a Lumia device, though the screen size would point to that as the most likely thing. The fact it’s just entering testing and evaluation means it won’t be on the market anytime soon, and perhaps not at all. The price of 7966 Rupees equates to $130 US, making this a low-end device.

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